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Die Frauen: Das Movie
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Hilarious Hijinks of the Hive Mind's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
2:41 pm
OO! other thought! Light saber battle? I think it's pertinent, given May 19th after all. (*squeee!) besides, we already want an epic battle sequence, right? (visions of knitting needles race through my head...)
We could even throw in a Wagner-esque scene, given the overlap btwn those darn Nibelung, LOTR stuff, and the concept of a quest for some sort of grail/artifact... not to mention the musical merits :)

My brain is in twisted parody mode. All shall love me and despair.
2:31 pm
so y'all may think i'm weird (duh), but I had a random idea for a das movie scene today. It involves squirrels...If you haven't seen the lions & tigers in kenya cartoon that davi has circulated, watch that first http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/29/
that being said, i see a scene with a bunch of close-ups of squirrels on campus scurrying madly, jumping at people, etc, with someone singing in the background, "Where can you see squirrels? Only in Stanford! Kamikaze squirrels, ooonly in Stanford...."

yes, that's random. but it looks so very amusing in my head....

what do you think? am i just completely nuts? (it's more than a little possible)

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
4:34 pm
I was poking through a bunch of my German opera, because I couldn't take Hroswitha's horrible sick twisted hagiography anymore, and I came to the conclusion that Wagner's bombastic, but not angsty enough. Or at least, the bits of Wagner that I was listening to on iTunes aren't angsty enough, nor are the portions of Der Ring des Nibelungen that I can remember, although it's been a long time...

Therefore, I propose we look to later angsty German opera composers. Namely, the early works of Richard Strauss. Namely, "Allein! Weh, ganz allein!" from Elektra. I propose this with great guilt, because I love angsty German opera (and particularly Elektra), but I think that that there aria might provide us with the dissonant surreality we're looking for. I have ripped it; it may be found here for the time being.
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
9:54 pm
Basic Plot Outline
So, now that we have an opening scene, where are we going with this? Here's what I think our basic framework is:

I. Die Frauen are trying to watch a movie, but Rita calls and tells us that Dalrymple demands the [artifact] or we won't be able to use Dink next weekend.

II. We set off to find the [artifact]. We keep running into Brian and he's an annoying punk. The Conspirators track our motions with ever more complicated means, trying to arrange a chance encounter. We start on foot, then call up Phaethon and get him to drive us around. Other Sav people make appearances as needed. Eventually, we discover location of the [artifact], and proceed there. Perhaps up by the Dish, or in the old Chem Building or something.

III. All minor plotlines culminate. We kick Brian's ass, encounter Black, I faint, etc.. And then we get to the [artifact], defeat its fell guardian, and carry it back to Dink in triumph. Dalrymple attempts to use it for his own twisted purposes, but its immense purity consumes his soul and so Dink is left under the auspices of Pam. And das movie ends, with everyone living happily ever after.

This seems possible? If so, refinements, bitte schön?

Addendum: Oooh, here's a thought. What if the artifact is Milky White? And then we have to defeat Ram's Head in tech vs. tech combat. This would let us drag Matt Brown into the whole mess, too.
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
8:10 pm
Courtesy of lunabrd, our first-ever scene:

ECU on a candle flame; pull back to reveal woman standing in front of it, holding a hardbound copy of [book] in front of her. Very solemnly opens book, tears out first page, and feeds it to the fire. As it catches on fire. . .


Birds flying


The first page is about done burning. Woman drops the page, tears out two more, and holds them to the flame. As they catch on fire. . .


More birds.


As the woman tears out another page. . .

MARIA: (VO) What the fuck is this crap?!

Silhouettes of heads become visible, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. SARAH stands.

SARAH: (perplexed): I thought this was Pirates. . .

LIZ: (VO) Apparently it isn't.

Elspeth: (VO) (groaning) Oy vey. Whatever it is, someone please make it go away?

LIZ: (as she stands) Good call. How do you work this thing. . .?

Cacophony ensues as opening credits roll. . .

Current Mood: creative
2:52 pm
Prior Speculation and Proposed Opening
So, beginning to collect what we've already got, here's Mini-Frau's initial post:

It begins...

Post-modern existentialist crap to start with... how about a woman standing in oppressive darkness, with a single candle? Very, very solemnly, she rips pages out of The Phaedrus and feeds them to the flame. This could be interspersed with artistic shots of flying birds at sunset. I could probably scrape together explaining the meaning of this, actually. It wouldn't have to be Phaedrus, of course. It could be just about any work of philosophy that we all hate. I refuse to let it be Nietzsche, though.

At this point, presumably, we realize that this is not, in fact, the Pinafore DVD, and while we mess with the DVD player, there are the opening credits. Which should be fast paced and exciting. When I imagine this, they frequently look vaguely like the Cowboy Bebop credits, including being accompanied by Tank!. We may not want to rip this odd quite so directly, of course. And then it cuts back to us at the television, we've nearly conquered the DVD player, but then Demi-Frau gets The Call on her cellphone, and the adventure begins.

I'm not wedded to any of this, of course, but I wanted to get started thinking... What does everyone else think?
4:59 pm
East Coast Correspondent
Random idea #1:

You've mentioned a desire to give The Freshman a severe beating at some point, so here's a possible set-up for it. The Freshman periodically makes outrageous comments, which cause one of the younger, more impetuous Frauen to want to kick his ass. Each time, though, she is prevented by an older, wiser Frau, who tells her that violence is not the answer. Eventually, of course, he goes way too far, and this time the older, wiser Frau stops her younger, more impetuous friend only long enough to summon the entire group of Frauen to join in the ass-kicking.

So, yes/no/maybe?
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
2:32 pm
And now there are three.
All for one and one for all! ^_^
10:48 am
Where there was one, there now stand two.
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