Sarah (kalliplokime) wrote in das_movie,


I was poking through a bunch of my German opera, because I couldn't take Hroswitha's horrible sick twisted hagiography anymore, and I came to the conclusion that Wagner's bombastic, but not angsty enough. Or at least, the bits of Wagner that I was listening to on iTunes aren't angsty enough, nor are the portions of Der Ring des Nibelungen that I can remember, although it's been a long time...

Therefore, I propose we look to later angsty German opera composers. Namely, the early works of Richard Strauss. Namely, "Allein! Weh, ganz allein!" from Elektra. I propose this with great guilt, because I love angsty German opera (and particularly Elektra), but I think that that there aria might provide us with the dissonant surreality we're looking for. I have ripped it; it may be found here for the time being.
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